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Scientists told why humanity built the pyramids

Ученые рассказали, зачем человечество строило пирамидыThe pyramids could be a great signpost.

The pyramids scattered around the globe, but despite this they have a lot of things similar. This also applies to the processing of the stone and its installation. American scientists have recently discovered that all pyramids were built on the same line. If the starting point is to take the pyramids of Giza, that line ends at the pyramids of Guimar, built in the Canary Islands. This proves the fact that ancient people could travel long distances and to share experiences.

Another hypothesis of the construction of the pyramids says, they were built to perpetuate the name of an earthly ruler, to build him a tomb. The pyramids were built special burial chambers, which were equipped for the afterlife of the pharaohs. The camera was left the jewels, furniture, weapons. Also there was created a false corridor which was to protect the ruler from uninvited guests. But still not in one of the pyramids could not find the mummy.

Other researchers believe that the pyramids served as a repository of knowledge of past civilizations and show their achievements in astronomical and geographical areas. The famous British mathematician John Legon conducted an interesting study, measuring all the faces and bases of the pyramids, their volume, area and even distance between them. And he found out that there is a strict rule of a multiplicity of series of numbers.For example, the ratio of the perimeter of the base of the great pyramid to its height is equal to the number 2pi.

Famous French scientists have Belizal and Shomer were confident that the Great pyramid of Egypt performed the role of a transmitter. Because of its huge size it is possible to produce high-power radiation that can be recorded at a very great distance other pyramids, which were a copy, but smaller. It brings what it’s served people a compass and they could safely navigate the sea or in the wilderness, and always find the way home.

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