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Scientists told the whole truth about fish oil

Ученые рассказали всю правду о рыбьем жиреWinter is the best time to fish oil so say the doctors.

A generation of middle-aged people still remember how in the childhood of their parents and grandparents were forced to drink fish oil. Science has leaped forward and now we can regularly eat fish oil without any disgust, because drug manufacturers produce it in the form of capsules, dissolving directly in the stomach and not in your mouth. Now adults and children can drink it, but is it necessary?

Invigorating properties of cod-liver oil cannot be underestimated

Now and then fish oil and drink with one goal — to strengthen the immune system. This product is especially popular in the cold season, when the opportunity to eat vitaminiziruet products for the people there, although the choice really is, and the immune system weakens, so it needs support.

Most interesting is that fish oil to cope with the main task of “strengthening of immunity” is much better than any other substance existing in nature. Scientists say that the number of expensive antiviral drugs are not able to so greatly affect immune cells and provide the human body protection from seasonal viruses and infections.

What is in fish oil:

Omega-3 fatty acids. Thanks to them, fish oil is able to do miracles and is a super remedy for almost all ailments. For example, omega-3 shown to eat high blood pressure, because these substances quickly establish vascular system and reduce blood pressure to normal.

Vitamin A. We all know that this vitamin is a natural medicine with miraculous powers for eye health. It turns out that if you regularly use fish oil, your eyesight never deteriorates, because it has vitamin A.

Amino acids. Want to stay young and attractive longer? How about cancer prevention? All this can be achieved when consuming fish oil because it contains substances called antioxidants which in turn slow down the aging process of the organism, thereby protecting it from harmful substances that provoke the development of cancer.

Vitamin d Keeps your bones and joints are fine just because a positive effect on the absorption of calcium in the body. Winter to find vitamin D is not so simple, but it is contained in fish oil and need to know about it.

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