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Scientists told the truth about the benefits and dangers of fasting

Ученые рассказали всю правду о пользе и вреде голоданияFasting is one of the most controversial and not fully uncovered to date nutrition.

However, given the particular public interest in the topic and desire to practice such a technique of power, it is necessary to consider the opportunities and risks, and to determine the nature and necessity of fasting.

Rules of fasting

To know and feel the benefits of fasting – refusing to eat food in order to cleanse the body in a natural way – decided famous scientist Paul Bragg, who explained in detail their observations and conclusions of the experiment in the bestselling book. For the convenience of our readers we give extracts from the work of the outstanding scientist.

So, obvious result can be expected only in the case of 3-day fasting. However, to start such an experiment to a man who never refused to eat more than 10-12 hours, you need with daily exposure. The second time you can try to starve for 36 hours, etc. otherwise untrained people can cause exhaustion, slowing of all vital reactions and processes in the body, anorexia and bulimia, as well as stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers.

In addition, in order to avoid sudden breakdown, an acute shortage of energy, fatigue, reduced performance and increased irritability should not do fasting on weekdays is the time of increased physical, mental and emotional stress, which the human body is able to cope only with the presence of the usual amount of energy. So fasting it is desirable to arrange at the weekend or during the holidays, when the thoughts of food distracting favorite leisure activities – reading books, watching TV and movies, shopping, cinema, theatre, weekend camping, etc.

Of course, for the conduct and successful completion of such a crucial experiment is important not only physical but also psychological preparation. In other words, you need a positive attitude, belief in themselves and the purpose of these rather severe restrictions from favourite food: sweets and chocolates, pastries and bakery products, fatty, fried or spicy meat dishes, fish specialties, convenience foods and fast food, etc.

Of course, to remove accumulated waste, toxins, free radicals it is essential to renounce alcoholic beverages. So the holidays should not even try to begin to starve – who is bound to seduce the forbidden Goodies. By the way, during the fasting period it is advisable to free yourself from cooking, so the temptation of the aromas, appearance and vivid imagination not defeated the good intentions of recovery.

During fasting, that person owes practitioners in the case of well-being, can be consumed only non-carbonated water. It is clear that before the experiment, you need to consult with your doctor.

The build

Since the basis of fasting – water, in order to once again not to shock the body, to conclude the experiment and begin a new life with a cleansed body is necessary, too, with liquid – for example, fruit or vegetable fresh juices, compotes, milk and berry smoothies. Gradually it is necessary to include food: first, the lighter for the digestive system – fruits, berries, vegetables, cereals, milk products, and after the more severe (fish, meat, poultry, cooked in vegetable boiled). Sweets only a few days after the completion of the experiment.

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