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Scientists told, how to overcome postpartum depression

Ученые подсказали, как быстро преодолеть послеродовую депрессию Many girls will be useful to these tips are scientists in the future.

According to statistics, every eighth new mother experiences stress, which doctors call post-Natal depression. A woman has serious problems with mood, she then hysteria, then immersed in themselves. At the same time, the state of the mother’s suffering and her very small child.

Often postpartum depression leads to the fact that the woman has lost breast milk, or no longer desire to feed their child. Also, repeatedly there were cases when mothers with a depressive disorder went to desperate measures, beating and even killing their children. So close to ignore the complaint of the young moms in a terrible mood and apathy is not necessary, and it is better to turn to professionals to help her overcome depression.

A study by British scientists

Scientists are one of the London medical schools conducted a study which involved women with postpartum depression. All participants were divided into three groups and each of them explained what they will do in a short time.

The first group of young mothers were daily to sing and develop their vocal skills, to overcome depression. The second group participated in different games, distracting them from their problems and shift attention to something interesting. The third group of study participants struggled with postpartum depression with the help of his family and prescribed antidepressants.

In the study, scientists have found that the first group of participants has reduced the severity of symptoms of postpartum depression to 35% for a month and a half. But after 10 weeks after the start of the study, all the participants of the three groups coped with the problem.

If signs of postpartum depression is important not to delay the time of treatment to doctors for later, because the consequences can be very sad.

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