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Scientists told how to “defer” the eruption of the volcano

Ученые рассказали, как «отложить» извержение супервулканаSuggest to drill a well in the volcano and the high pressure pumped water

The Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO has not erupted for hundreds of thousands of years, but if this happens, the consequences for the people living in this region, and even for humanity as a whole can be catastrophic.

Brian Wilcox and his colleagues from the American space Agency presented a method, which theoretically similar to prevent.

The researcher suggests that supervolcanoes pose a much greater potential threat than, for example, the fall of the meteorite. Thus, in his opinion, the prevention of a collision with a meteorite or a comet to date, the experts paid much attention at the time as to the likely catastrophic eruption experts are not so serious. At the same time, the Yellowstone volcano has not erupted for so long that, given the available information on the frequency of its eruptions, it may revive in the foreseeable future.

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Experts suggest to drill a well in the volcano and the high pressure pumped water, thereby cooling it and reducing the risk of an eruption. She warmed up to 350 degrees Celsius, the water will then enter a geothermal power station.

The cost of such infrastructure, by calculations, will reach nearly $ 3.5 billion, however part of these costs will be offset by the fact that as a result humanity will get access to a source of fairly cheap electricity.

However, the main “drawback” of the plan are not even costs, and associated potential risks. Based on available data, it cannot be excluded that in itself, the drilling will provoke the emission of poisonous gases or even the same super eruption, which “natural causes” in the near future, still there would be unlikely. Thus, if “something goes wrong”, the measures on prevention of catastrophes can be the reason that it will happen.

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Previously, experts from Vanderbilt University came to the conclusion that “for sure” about the upcoming eruption of the SUPERVOLCANO humanity can learn not earlier than a year prior to this event, i.e. no time on emergency preparations for such an eventuality humanity will not grow.

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