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Scientists told how to behave when the solar Eclipse

Ученые рассказали как правильно себя вести при солнечном затменииThat in no event it is impossible to do

Tomorrow, January 6, happens first in 2019 solar Eclipse. It will begin at 5:28 local time. Alas, this is not a full Eclipse, only partial, i.e. the Moon is only slightly blocking out the Sun.

Solar Eclipse of January 6 will be able to see the inhabitants of northeastern Asia, southwestern Alaska, Far East Russia and Eastern Mongolia. So that Ukrainians, like most of the inhabitants of the earth, this solar Eclipse will be able to look only online and not in the flesh.

On January 6, we have another important astronomical phenomenon of the new moon, the first in January 2019 that will take place at 3:29 local time. This period is considered auspicious for forgiveness, planning and the accumulation of forces for new tasks and important tasks. But the coincidence with the solar Eclipse will lead to a strong energy surge and may lead to significant changes in the lives of each person.

In addition, a few days later, January 21, 2019 will be another, this time a lunar Eclipse. The period between eclipses will have a significant impact on the General condition of a people as emotionally, and in health and condition.

How to behave and what not to do during Eclipse:

In the period of the eclipses, people tend to be impulsive and ill-considered actions, to the fore of the conflict situation and the last confrontation. Therefore it is important not to succumb to emotional outbursts, to avoid the negative impact of the Eclipse to life in the future.
At this time, it is useful to get rid of bad habits and unnecessary things, but with the obsolete relations and connections it is important to be careful.
It is not necessary in the period of eclipses to marry or divorce and to take other crucial decisions and actions.
Be restrained, not skandalte and do not sort out relationships with others.
It is important to try to behave consistently and sensibly.
Analyze your behavior lately, you might’ve done wrong, and could offend someone.
Communicate care, generosity and indulgence towards others, try to forgive themselves and ask forgiveness for their misdeeds.
Make plans for the near future, but do not rush to their implementation.
Try not to abuse their power in the family and society.
Restrain the desire to criticize and to claim people.
Avoid excessive bragging and displays of arrogance in front of other people.
Refrain from heavy physical exertion, prefer rest and relaxation.

Use caution in transport, driving on roads, it is not necessary at this time to travel and to travel.

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