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Scientists told how many persons can remember people

Ученые рассказали, сколько лиц может запомнить человекThe ability of the brain just amazing.

Every day we see many faces, some of which immediately flies out of my head. And how much is left? Scientists from the University of York conducted a study to find out how many people hold the man in his internal Rolodex. They obtained the figure is impressive. The average person keeps in the memory 5000.

Through its research, British scientists brought together participants to whom the task was: make a list of people whose faces they remember. First, they had to list their friends, relatives, colleagues, former classmates. In short, everyone with whom they ever met in person. Then they had to do the same thing with actors, politicians, musicians and other famous personalities. The compilation of both lists to an hour.

After that, the researchers showed participants thousands of photos of celebrities, asking what they can learn.

The minimum result that showed “experimental” – 1000. the Max was at around 10000. “Maybe this range is due to the fact that some have a natural inclination for memorizing. Among people there are differences in how much attention they are paying to individuals and how to effectively process information,” says one of the study’s authors Rob Jenkins.

In addition, he notes that 10,000 individuals may are not the limit. After all, Jenkins and his colleagues set themselves the task to find out the maximum that is possible in our brain.

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