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Scientists told how daytime sleep affects health

Ученые рассказали, как дневной сон влияет на здоровьеAs it turned out, NAPs can act as a great sedative.

In some countries the NAP is the norm, but in Ukraine, for some reason, people are not used to sleep during lunch time, doing their work or household chores. But according to scientists, the rejection of the NAP will not bring anything good in human life and he alone deprives yourself of health.

Useful properties of daytime sleep, which you might not know:

– lowering blood pressure;

– calm the nervous system to restore its after stress;

– filling with energy and vivacity;

– prevention of chronic fatigue and diseases, the reasons for which it is;

– increasing productivity and improving brain activity;

– elimination of the risk of developing diseases of the heart and blood vessels;

– lock the premature aging processes of the body;

– after a day of sleep, a person becomes more sensitive, that is, it improves vision, hearing and smell, as well as thoughts and new ideas.

Enumerate the utility of daytime sleep can be very long, but the important thing is to prevent those who sleep in the afternoon is strictly prohibited. People who are prone to insomnia, sleep in the day, people may not want to sleep at night, which can lead to the fact that he does not sleep enough. It is undesirable to go to bed in broad daylight those who are in a state of depression, because it can develop into the deep, to cure which can only be a doctor.

Doctors say that regular NAPs during the entire one hour helps to ensure that the risk of heart attack reduced by as much as 40%, as well as other serious diseases related to nervous tension, stress, lack of sleep and so on.

Interesting fact famous people like: John F. Kennedy, Napoleon, Bonaparte, Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, Leonardo da Vinci and other equally smart and talented always slept in the afternoon and never broke this tradition, because it allowed them to feel good.

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