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Scientists told about the viruses that can destroy humanity

Ученые рассказали о вирусах, которые могут погубить человечествоA few dozen viruses existing on the planet, capable of destroying humanity, said scientists from the University of Edinburgh.

To date, at least 37 viruses spread among humans, and while this dynamic is not for the inhabitants of the planet a serious threat.

However, if an epidemic breaks out on a global scale, these viral pathogens are able to destroy all of civilization.

According to study author Mark Woolhouse, some of the potentially dangerous viruses are distributed only among the fauna, but there are those who are in a latent (dormant) state.

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Even with a slight intervention in the Earth’s ecosystem is rather fragile balance and can be subjected to destruction at any time, the expert said.

Volkhaus believes that people need to treat the virus threat more seriously, and professionals to create a list of the most dangerous pathogens and to prevent the emergence of the epidemic closely monitor their distribution.

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Today, according to the scientist, the most dangerous infectious agent is a coronavirus MERS-CoV, causing the middle East respiratory syndrome and is comparable in threat level to the causative agent of Ebola haemorrhagic fever.

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