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Scientists told about the unusual behavior of tectonic plates

Ученые рассказали о необычном поведении тектонических плит The movement of the plates sometimes stops.

Previously it was thought that tectonic plates move constantly, without stopping. However, recent studies of American scientists the Sex of a silver Mark and Ben showed that in the past plate could stop the movement.

The results of scientific activity was published in the journal Science. New information can completely change the view of experts about the evolution of the Earth.

Scientists have found evidence that in ancient times the displacement of the plates is stopped, it happened at least once. If the motion is again stopped, the earth will begin widespread earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Now the processes are particularly active along the edges of the Pacific ocean, which is decreasing every year. Approximately 350 million years the Pacific ocean can disappear completely, scientists say, there will be an enormous supercontinent such as Rodinia. At the moment no information that the platform at some point accelerate.

Experts suggest that the planet has a certain cycle, during which a restart of all underground processes. The land thus restores energy.

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