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Scientists told about the threat to humanity meteorite

Ученые рассказали об опасном для человечества метеорите November 25 will fall to Earth meteorite “Julia”.

Scientists have focused on the fact that the meteorite was seen on 19 November and was initially assessed as safe for the population. After some time, experts have analyzed the trajectory of the meteorite “Julia” came to a disappointing conclusion.

Previously, cosmic body fall to the Ground on November 25.

Experts believe that such object will land on the territory of Europe or the waters of the Atlantic ocean. The scientists said that “Julie” a few times smaller in size than Florence, and therefore, there is a small chance that the meteor will be burned in the atmosphere before reaching the surface of the planet.

Ufologists, however, believe that it is not a meteor, but a UFO that could be the alien ship.

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