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Scientists told about the shocking effects of global warming

Ученые рассказали о шокирующих последствиях глобального потепления Due to global warming vanished Arctic of the island.

Global warming has led to coastal erosion and disappearance of Islands in the East Siberian sea and the Laptev sea.

Global sea level has risen and the rate of destruction of banks increased due to climate change.

This was reported by the Arctic Explorer, Professor of Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) Igor Semiletov.

“The rate of coastal erosion of the ice complex on the headlands now reaches 20-30 meters over the summer. As a result of disappearing Islands, for example, Semenovsky, Vasilievsky. In memory of our grandfathers, they were still Islands, now it’s the banks, that is shallow water. Over the past 1-2 thousand years, about 40 km of land was “eaten” coastal erosion”, – quotes the press service of the TPU word Semiletova.

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According to scientists, especially the large erosion rate observed in the East Siberian sea and the Laptev sea – marginal seas of the Arctic ocean. According to Semiletov, global warming does not mean that becomes warmer virtually every day.

“We are talking about the increase in average global temperature. It is proved that now there is a rise in sea level, melting glaciers, including mountain. The fact that the climate curve goes from periods of warming to cooling. For example, 10 thousand years ago the temperature was about the same as it is now. For the first time in modern geological history “broke” this cycle: now we have to live in the era of the cold snap, however, the temperature does not fall, but rises,” explained the Professor.

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