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Scientists told about the problems with the resources on the planet

Ученые рассказали о проблемах с ресурсами на планете According to experts, restored over the past year, resources ran out two weeks ago.

The first of August is the day when people spent all resumed for the previous year resources. Now humanity spends resources stored by the planet. Scientists say that every year, the lack of resources is felt more and more.

So, for example, 40% of all inhabitants of the planet do not have access to clean water. Due to the shortage of moisture, many areas suffer from drought, and people, in turn, from the lack of food (plants simply do not grow in stony soil). According to forecasts, by 2025 will not be enough water 60% of people. From fluid deficit, by the way, affects not only Africa, but also North America, Australia.

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Irrational people consume food, experts say. According to estimates, more than half of the food produced is wasted, as the food is either spoiled or tasteless. Only in North America for the year, each citizen throws away 250 pounds of food.

And, of course, who can forget the oil. Scientists say that to pump the black gold we can another 50 years, after which all stocks runs out. Every single person can not globally change, but he is able to change the principle of nature in your household.

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