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Scientists told about the meteorite over Khakassia

Ученые рассказали о метеорите над ХакасиейDiameter exploded over Khakassia, the meteorite was 10-15 meters.

A celestial body that fell in Siberia was of stone and had 10-15 meters in diameter, the researchers said.

This opinion was expressed by a leading researcher of the Department of space dynamics and mathematical processing of information space research Institute (IKI) RAS Nathan Eismont.

“It is clear that it was not too large meteorite. Judging by the fact that he still burned or exploded, in General, not reached the surface, it is clear that it is unlikely its diameter is more than 10 or 15 meters, and that he, apparently, do not iron. Most likely stony or rocky water,” said Eismont.

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The scientist added that such meteorites are not uncommon for our planet, and every day on the Earth’s surface, primarily in oceans falls “noticeable amount” of such celestial bodies.

Meteorites similar to those which fell in Khakassia, do not pose a threat to humanity, he added. Threat they become if composed of iron and their sizes exceed 15-20 meters, or if they are “cool vertically enter the air envelope of the Earth.” However, a meteorite that was photographed by witnesses in the Republic of Khakassia, according to the scientist, does not fall under the above characteristics.

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This advance to see the Earth approaching meteorite “fundamentally very difficult,” – emphasizes Eismont. If the car approaches the planet from its sun side, that to see him is almost impossible, but even if he moves from the night side, scientists still are very hard to see it in the night sky and the time to calculate the trajectory.

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