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Scientists told about the magical properties of alcohol before bedtime

Ученые рассказали о "волшебных" свойствах алкоголя перед сномResearchers have lifted the curtain on the topical issue.

A few drops before bed isn’t such a good idea if you plan to have rest at night. Alcohol consumption is fraught with multiple awakenings and a reduction in the phase of deep sleep.

What happens after a couple of glasses at night

Approximately every 90 minutes repeat cycles of sleep, the majority of deep sleep occurs in the second half of the night. And that’s when the body begins in full force to deal with alcohol. In the end, the duration of the deep sleep required for recovery is reduced.

Alcohol allows you to fall asleep faster, but after a couple hours started the process of withdrawal of alcohol from the body via the kidneys and bladder. You have a couple of times a night to visit the toilet and to lose not only minutes of sleep, but now you need electrolytes.

In the end, you will sleep fitfully and Wake up the next morning tired and dehydrated.

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How to still sleep

1. Drink not later than 3-4 hours before bedtime

The exact time may vary depending on age, weight, gender and amount of alcohol consumed.

2. Don’t forget the rule of “two to one”

Each drunk a glass or shot of alcohol you need to drink two glasses of water. This will facilitate the subsequent withdrawal of alcohol from the body.

3. Forget the “magic” bubbles

Sparkling wine with a gas to stretch the stomach wall, and thereby increases the surface absorption of alcohol. For a peaceful sleep after this can not count.

4. A snack and watch the amount of alcohol consumed

The use of alcohol during a meal is good because we usually eat a few hours before bedtime. This means that the body will more time to recycle and begin accepted, and you have to drink the most water.

5. Do not disturb alcohol with sleeping pills

Alcohol depresses breathing, like most sleeping pills. This combination is extremely dangerous, as it can lead to respiratory failure.

If you suffer from insomnia, remember that alcohol will only worsen the problem. Moreover, alcohol can intensify the symptoms of sleepwalking and restless leg syndrome. In this case it is better to completely abandon the evening libations.

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