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Scientists told about the location of Nibiru

Ученые рассказали о местоположении НибируPerhaps humanity is not yet ready to face with Nibiru.

Mysterious Nibiru is not yet officially discovered, but the assumption about the existence of this mysterious planet can be a reality. Look for Nibiru scientists advise on the outskirts of the Solar system, near Pluto.

As told by the famous astropsychology Valentine Wittrock, the existence of the planet Nibiru point mathematical calculations. “It (Nibiru) was calculated by mathematical, that is, hypothetically it seems to be there, but physically it is still not found, and no astronomer it is not seen”, – explained Wittrock.

Astropsychology believes that our civilization is just not reached a level at which it is possible to discover new heavenly bodies near the Earth. Logic dictates that searches Nibiru should start in little-known parts of the Solar system, near Pluto.

“NASA suggests that this planet may well be in the Kuiper belt – a few small planets on the outskirts of the Solar system, near Pluto. Many of them have unusual elongated orbit, it can be assumed that behind them is a large planet that changed them. Perhaps there is Nibiru” – believes Wittrock.

The planet Nibiru is credited with a formidable natural phenomenon. With the appearance in the sky still unknown planet connect next end of the world.

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