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Scientists told about the benefits of a vegetarian diet

Ученые рассказали о преимуществах вегетарианской диетыIt turns out that these diets spent more calories.

Lately, hearing so many new ways to get a flat stomach or to lose weight or look slimmer, it can be tiring. Each of the diets is fighting for the title of most effective.

A recent study conducted by scientists of the Institute of clinical and experimental medicine in Prague, showed that a vegetarian diet can help you lose twice the calories.

In the study, the experts observed in 74 people with type II diabetes, some of which have followed a vegetarian diet and the other discoloring traditional anti-diabetic diet. The results showed that reduction in body fat was observed in both diets, intramuscular fat – more than those who adhered to a vegetarian diet, and subfascial fat decreased only in “vegetarians”.

Nutritionist Michelle Braude confirmed that a vegetarian diet is best for weight loss, stating that “numerous studies have shown that the majority of men and women lose weight when they switch to eating plant protein instead of red meat and animal proteins”.

She also cited an example of one research that studied men in 1730 for seven years, and found that the more animal protein and saturated fats eaten people, the more they run the risk of getting overweight or obese.

Braude explained that animal protein, especially meat contains saturated fat, therefore, reducing its use, you save a lot of calories. According to her, despite the image of chicken meat as “healthy”, “certain parts of poultry such as dark meat and skin, containing a lot of fat and therefore calories.”

Because a vegetarian diet typically is low in fat, you ultimately lose weight easier.

A vegetarian diet is not so restrictive as veganism, therefore, removing meat from the table, you can eat eggs and dairy products. As for the necessary daily amounts of protein, vegetarians get it from beans, eggs, tofu or meat substitute.

It is worth noting, if you have a milk Allergy or intolerance you can’t have eggs or nuts, you will not be so easy to get the necessary amount of protein for a balanced diet. However, it can be done.

“If you’re wondering how you get enough protein and iron if you don’t eat animal protein, just think what the world’s strongest Primate, the gorilla consume enough of these nutrients, simply eating fruits, vegetables and leaves,” said Braude.

Unlike gorillas, she says, “vegetarian diet is much more diverse, with a large number of plant protein sources (nuts, peanut butter, legumes)”. “So you really have nothing to worry about,” concluded the nutritionist.

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