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Scientists told about previously unknown properties of the coffee

Ученые рассказали о ранее неизвестных свойствах кофеAll the harmful properties of coffee can be eliminated by observing certain rules.

Few know that the coffee can’t drink on an empty stomach, as most coffee drinkers. Doctors allowed to drink coffee, but in limited quantities and always after eating, otherwise the drink will lead to serious complications and health will gradually deteriorate.

Scientists have named the harmful properties of coffee and their exceptions:

Coffee prevents the absorption of vitamins. The reason lies in the fact that coffee dramatically increases the acidity of gastric juice, which prevents the absorption of vitamins. Especially bad when the blood does not get the vitamins that positively affect the Central nervous system and contribute to good mood, and strong nails, shiny hair, beautiful smooth skin and so on.

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Coffee has a bad effect on the microflora. It turns out that the oxidative property of the coffee beverage is flawed for beneficial bacteria that populates the gastrointestinal tract. In simple words, they die, and the intestinal flora is disturbed, which weakens the immune system, impair the digestion, develop diseases of the digestive tract and so on.

Coffee reduces the pressure and causes drowsiness. Sometimes coffee constricts blood vessels and expands them, so instead of an increase in blood pressure and vitality of the person may become hypotensive and constantly suffer from drowsiness.

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Coffee increases the acidity of gastric juice. First, it can lead to heartburn, and after the development of gastritis.

Coffee increases nervous tension. Many people notice that after drinking coffee they become even more irritable and can’t control their negative emotions.

To avoid these effects, coffee should be drunk:

– no sound;

– no more than 4 cups per day;

– not on an empty stomach;

not later than 14:00;

– washed down with a glass of water.

Coffee can be not only tasty but also very useful, but as you understand, we must listen to scientists and not to abuse this drink.

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