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Scientists told about a series of huge tsunamis that threaten the world

Ученые рассказали о серии огромных цунами, угрожающих миру Wave height can be up to 200 metres.

The increase in the average temperature on Earth would entail apocalyptic phenomenon. Experts from the University of Washington noted that global warming results in rapid melting of glaciers. The released liquid in large quantities, will trigger the appearance of a huge tsunami around the world.

People living in coastal cities can become victims of water when the wave height will be 200 meters or more. So, for example, is in danger, the citizens of Greenland, Patagonia and Norway.

Earlier horrific tsunami happened in 2015, in the district of Alaska. Then damage is almost not there, as the area almost never inhabited by people. After the disaster, scientists have discovered fallen trees, completely destroyed the shore and rocks.

Experts have found that a rapidly melting glacier Tyndall was the cause of the landslide, during which fell to 180 million tons of ice into the sea. As a result, education dvuhsotmetrovyj waves. According to the latest data, the Tyndall glacier became smaller by more than three hundred meters.

Collapse, according to scientists, will begin to occur more frequently in connection with global warming. People should prepare for the worst.

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