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Scientists tested the hypothesis of the existence of the ninth planet

Ученые проверили гипотезу о существовании девятой планеты In the last few years experts interested in this question.

An international team of astronomers came to the conclusion that the ninth planet is just a myth. About the new celestial body beyond Neptune began to speak in 2016.

Then the experts drew attention to the strange rotation of multiple bodies, which definitely is affected by the gravitational field of some large object.

Throughout all these years, astronomers have tried to considered the ninth planet, but to no avail. Anomalous orbits explained in the end by the presence of several large objects in the Kuiper belt.

For proof of his findings on the computer modeled the motion of planets beyond Neptune, and flux of asteroids on the edge of the Solar system. As it turned out, the rotation of the body will not change even after removal of the supposed ninth planet. However, this does not prove the absence or the presence of another planet.

The Kuiper belt, according to scientists, has enough length and power of attraction to affect small planets.

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