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Scientists tell whether beer is good for health

Ученые рассказали, действительно ли пиво полезно для здоровьяThis popular drink can cause dangerous diseases.

The results of research conducted by Czech scientists from the University Garriga, Tomas Masaryk in Brno, beer for regular consumption has a very detrimental impact on the human body.

Scientists have long studied its properties and effects on health and found that regular consumption of beer leads to decomposition of the internal organs and causes the most severe illness.

According to the head of the scientific research project of Pavel Grausgruber, the results of the study will cause many to reconsider their attitude to beer — drink, which is considered a national of the Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium and other countries of Central and Western Europe.

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The scientist stressed that the stories about the benefits of beer can be attributed to the field of mythology, because regular consumption of this drink is facing a dangerous health consequences.

According to Grausgruber, the researchers focused on the analysis of the diet of Chekhov, the food and drinks they prefer and have come to the conclusion that beer is the most devastating factor in the diet of Chekhov. Consumption of this drink brings much more harm in comparison with any other product. Proof of this is the fact that the Czech Republic is in first place in the incidence of cancer of the spleen and kidney in Europe.

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