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Scientists spoke about the irreparable mistake NASA

Ученые рассказали о непоправимой ошибке NASAAccording to the world’s leading scientists, closure of projects on monitoring the environment from NASA is a big mistake.

Experts believe that the closure of such projects is bad for humanity as a whole.

Thanks to modern tracking system NASA and assessment of the environment, prevention of natural disasters. The rejection of these functions can lead to irreversible consequences. It is worth mentioning that the newly elected 45th President of the United States of America Donald trump, who said he intends to stop funding certain projects at NASA, including the surveillance of the environment of the Earth.

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The public tries to persuade the President to reconsider the priorities and not to let him make the wrong decision. Bob Walker, recently occupying the post of Congressman of Pennsylvania, appealed earlier to NASA with a similar request. In his opinion, initially the Agency was created for detailed investigation of outer space, not the Earth. It is worth mentioning that in connection with the warming of the planet. can be a new natural disaster.

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One of which is melting glaciers, which will significantly raise the water level and flood a huge amount of sushi. The rejection of such systems could lead to the death of a large number of the world’s population.

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