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Scientists spoke about the influence of anesthesia on brain activity

Ученые рассказали о влиянии анестезии на активность мозгаAnesthesia affects the ability to perceive your body correctly

A group of scientists led by Dr Stein Silva has revealed a surprising pattern: anesthesia hands affects brain activity and rapidly degrades the quality perception of the body.

In General to the topic of scientists has pushed the stories of many survivors of local anesthesia, various illusions.

The ultimate goal of the research was to understand how neural circuitry reorganizatsiya at this very moment, and to use anesthesia in order to recreate this state. This would allow to use the techniques of anesthesia in the future for the treatment of phantom pain in patients after amputation.

Now, scientists tracked the status of 20 patients who had to anesthetize one arm before anesthesia. Patients showed a three-dimensional image of a hand taken from different angles. And scientists measured their ability to distinguish right and left hands. The results showed how anaesthesia affected the ability to perceive your body correctly. In the end, it turned out that all the participants of the experiment were wrong.

Patients with anaesthetic took longer to distinguish the left hand from the right compared to people without anesthesia. Best results, scientists have recorded when a numb arm was visible. It turns out, the anesthesia of the hand altered the activity of the brain and how people recognize the phenomena of the world and his own body. Currently experts use functional imaging of the brain in order to characterize the region of interest of the brain.

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