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Scientists: “Spice” is able to turn people into “zombies”

Ученые: "Спайсы" способны превратить человека в "зомби"Scientists have found how a new kind of spice turned dozens of US citizens into zombies.

This summer in new York city have been documented cases of the use of a new kind of drugs.

People that received them, fell into a stupor and does not react to external stimuli, besides uttered inarticulate sound like the murmur of zombies from a Hollywood horror movie.

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Scientists interested in this phenomenon, as in the use of synthetic drugs in most cases, there are severe convulsions and kidney failure.

The study revealed that the basis of the drug, which in certain circles is called “AK-47 24 Karat gold” is pharmaceutical AB-FUBINACA, which has now been patented in 2009. It was also found that illegal chemists from China got the formula and started the production of the drug, which causes severe changes in the nervous system.

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