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Scientists: sleep in the workplace healthy

Ученые: сон на рабочем месте полезен для здоровья On a workplace to sleep it is useful.

American scientists from the University of Michigan found that the sleeping is beneficial, as it reduces psychological stress and improves concentration, which helps to improve health.

The experiment involved men and women from 18 to 50 years. The participants were divided into two groups, and in anticipation of the beginning of the research had for several days to follow the normal sleep mode. Then began the experiment.

The subjects completed a questionnaire and was loaded with various tasks, in particular those that they normally perform in your workplace, sitting at a computer. The only difference was that one group was given a break during the hour they had to spend on his lunch and watching videos of nature, while the second group was given one hour to sleep.

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According to the researchers, given after the break, all participants were again tested and set to its further duties. The result of the experiment confirmed the hypothesis of scientists that sleep during office hours is very helpful.

The first group of participants of the experiment to the end of the day were tired and all the tasks were carried out with a reduced concentration of attention. In contrast, the second group, which provided an extra hour of sleep, increased efficiency and persistence in performing tasks.

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Scientists called the experiment and the obtained results are just the first step on the long road to examine the influence of sleep during the working day and therefore does not encourage employers to offer “quiet time” employees. However, the claim that sleeping in the middle of the day won’t hurt.

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