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Scientists shared the most likely doomsday scenarios

Ученые поделились наиболее вероятными сценариями конца светаThese scenarios are likely to come to life.

Life exists on Earth only due to the fragile and incredible balance. Our atmosphere, the proximity to the sun, and countless other incredible coincidences not only allow living beings to live and grow, but thrive. But all good ever ends Yes. Although life here can survive for a few billion years, but, depending on what is happening on our planet and in the galaxy, end of world may also happen at any time, even tomorrow. Here are a few scientific theories, foreseeing the destruction of all life on Earth and the death of the planet itself.

The molten core of the Earth can cool down. The earth is surrounded by a protective magnetic shield called the magnetosphere. This shield is formed by the rotation of the Earth. A magnetic field is created by current that is generated in the liquid conductive substance in the planet’s core in motion. The magnetosphere reflects the destructive cosmic radiation. But if the engine cools, disappear magnetosphere is our protection from solar winds, which will gradually dispel the atmosphere of the Earth throughout the cosmos.

The sun can start to die, expanding at the same time. The sun and the location of the Earth relative to the star, perhaps one of the most important criteria for the preservation of all living things. But the Sun is a star, and stars die. Scientists believe that the Sun has already done half of your life and when all the hydrogen in the interior of the Sun is converted into helium, will begin the process of death of the cosmic body. It was then due to the more active reactions that will occur in the Sun, or the Earth will attract the Sun and everything on it will simply burn up or evaporate or expansion of the Sun will make the Earth out of orbit and drift through space where it can quickly freeze without sunlight.

The earth may fall from its orbit. The reason for this can be planet-wanderer, drifting in space. If such a planet to “wander” into our Solar system and will approach the Earth, it can disrupt its orbit. And the change of the orbit can lead to the fact that the conditions of life on our planet will be extreme and deadly, the abnormal cold will be replaced by scorching heat. Having descended from its orbit, the Earth might collide with another planet in our Solar system such as Venus or mercury. Planet wanderer, and all can displace the Earth in the Solar system, and then the Earth itself will turn into a lifeless ice ball, another rogue planet.

A collision with another planet. Planet wanderer can come closer to Earth, and shift its orbit, but also to face her. About 4.5 billion years ago, a small planet crashed into the planet more, with the result that formed the Earth and the Moon. New clash would lead to the fact that the Earth would melt. The new formed planet over time would be cool, but it would still be habitable is not known.

Asteroids can bomb the planet. Those rocks from space do have a very destructive force. According to one theory, the fall of an asteroid was the cause of the death of the dinosaurs. But to destroy the entire planet, we need a real asteroid rain. In Earth’s history it was a period when falling asteroids was so intense that the oceans boiled for a whole year. To survive, you could only the most heat-resistant single-celled microbes. Such temperatures clearly not for higher forms of life.

The earth can be absorbed by the moving black hole. We know about black holes quite a bit, but we know that they are so dense that even light cannot pass through them. Scientists believe that there are about ten million black holes in the milky Way galaxy. Like stars, they rotate slowly, and may migrate around the space. Consequently, one of these black holes can get to the orbit of the planet and drag her down into oblivion – together with us.

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