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Scientists saw unusual relationship between wine and family relationships

Ученые увидели необычную связь между вином и отношениями в семьеWine makes family relations stronger.

As found by scientists from New Zealand, to make your family life happier, you must together with his half regularly drink wine.

So, this simple tradition a couple relaxes, stimulates candid conversations and stimulates you not to pay attention to some things.

It is noteworthy that the research results achieved not only thanks to the alcohol. Just couples are often so tortured with household responsibilities, children, mortgage, and a bunch of questions that do not leave a place for romance and relaxation. In turn, tradition once a week together to drink a bottle of wine accompanied by some interesting appetizers first, separates from a couple of domestic issues. Second, it helps to relax, encouraging a lightness and freshness of a long forgotten carefree youth.

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“A key factor in our study is the candor that appears between the spouses. The fact is that, in practice, very few of the couples sneaked through the year the ability to share with each other the most cherished,” the researchers say. So, in their opinion domestic issues are forcing the partners to annoy each other and sometimes to hate, and instead of each person couple sees each other as enemies. And the enemies don’t share something intimate. It was then that the help and comes a small amount of wine, which just becomes the catalyst for the relaxation and trust.

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Of course, in the experiment we are talking only about moderate alcohol consumption.

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