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Scientists saw a mysterious cosmic explosion

Ученые увидели загадочный космический взрывNone of these scenarios is able to fully explain this phenomenon.

Astronomers use x-ray Observatory “Chandra” has found an unusual outbreak, which was detected the most distant event of its kind, according to the NASA website.

As the researchers note, the most likely source of the outbreak was a small galaxy, which is located at a distance of 10.7 billion light years from Earth.

In October 2014, researchers have recorded the flash, the brightness of which is within a few hours has increased a thousand times. A day later the signal disappeared completely. According to researchers, the sources can be several: the collapse of massive stars, the merging of two neutron stars or a neutron star and a black hole, as well as the destruction of a white dwarf a black hole.

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However, as recognized by the scientists themselves, none of these scenarios is able to fully explain this phenomenon.

Previously, scientists were able to see the process of the formation of a supergiant star. An international team of astronomers under the guidance of Katarina Johnson Lindskog University have observed a huge gas-dust disk, which rotates around a young star in the constellation of Centaurus. The diameter of the object to two thousand times the distance from earth to the Sun, and the mass of the Central star exceeds the sun 25 times. The finding may be a confirmation of the hypothesis on the mechanism of supermassive stars by gradual absorption of the substance of a rapidly rotating accretion disks.

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