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Scientists said when they will start to die animals

Ученые рассказали, когда начнут вымирать животныеAs it turned out, the wait is not so much.

Scientists believe that in 2100 the concentration of carbon dioxide in the oceans exceeds the critical level, and the temperature begins to rise sharply, which will massively extinct animals.

The researchers analyzed how changing conditions on Earth before the great extinctions of animals.

It turned out that the beginning of each such event was accompanied by a sharp change in the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere.

– I’m not saying that a disaster will happen literally tomorrow. We just showed that the carbon cycle in the nature will be unstable in the near future, and his behavior is impossible to predict, if we continue to saturate the atmosphere and water with carbon dioxide. In the past, such periods of instability led to mass extinctions, ‘ said Daniel Rothman from the Massachusetts Institute of technology.

According to scientists, the beginning of the extinction does not mean that many animals will immediately vanish. The process can take tens or hundreds of thousands of years.

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