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Scientists said the phenomenon could be observed in the sky to the end of the year

Ученые рассказали, какие явления можно будет наблюдать в небе до конца года In the current year are expected from six rare events.

A few days ago has already happened one phenomenon – the bloody moon Eclipse. Hence, it is necessary to wait another 6 amazing events. The second and third will happen in the middle of next month and at the end of March: the Moon is as close as possible will come to our planet.

The fourth phenomenon – “star rain”. People will be able to watch the falling meteors called “the May Aquarids”. Also this year there will be a solar Eclipse, however, it will be able to see only South America and Oceania. The event is expected in July. This month Earth will pass through debris left by comet swift-Tuttle. We will see another meteor shower.

November 11, the smallest heavenly body, mercury will pass between the sun disk and the Earth. Also expect “the Kiss of Venus and Jupiter” – the phenomenon that occur approximately every 8 years. These planets will be so close to each other that will make it look like they want to kiss.

And the last event is associated with “Fire ring” before the new year. Around the moon formed a ring, the natural satellite will seem incredibly small.

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