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Scientists said the cause of death of man found in Pompeii

Ученые уточнили причину смерти человека, найденного в ПомпеяхArchaeologists found the skeleton of an inhabitant of ancient Pompeii who died from suffocation

Italian archaeologists said the cause of death of a man crushed by a stone slab, which was recently found in Pompeii.

The first man gasped, and a stone slab fell on him later, according to the website of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii.

At present, archaeologists are digging in the almost unexplored district No. 5 (Regio 5) Pompei, which is located in the North of the city. He studied in the late XIX-early XX centuries, but three quarters of the territory of the district still remain unexplored.

In late may, scientists found a human skeleton, the upper part of which was crushed by 270-pound stone slab. Judging by the condition of the bones, the man was limping and could barely move, and apparently, so did not have time to leave the city at the beginning of the eruption.

First, archaeologists believed that he died from a blow with a plate on the head. But later they found under a stone nerazdavlennoy upper part of the skeleton with a skull. Beneath it was a tunnel, which apparently was made by first researchers Pompeii in the eighteenth century. Probably the upper part of the remains slipped into it and was under the stove. Researchers believe that the man died of suffocation during the next release of volcanic gases and ash, and the stove fell later and, judging by the skull, has nothing to do with the death of a person. Currently, archaeologists are studying the remains and damage to them and will try to recover the last moments of life of the residents of Pompei.

In the new season of excavations in the fifth district of Pompei in addition to the remains of a man and a racehorse archaeologists also found three inscriptions on the walls of houses, which are specially trained scribes did before elections in local councils of the province. A few days ago it was reported the discovery of several campaign slogans.

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