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Scientists said how the future will change people

Ученые рассказали, как в будущем изменятся люди New technologies will help to improve human ability.

About 10 thousand years ago, the human body has learned to accept cow’s milk. Over the last few centuries, people have become taller by 10 cm, and for the last 65 years, humanity began to live longer than twenty years.

On the website ScienceAlert has reported that in 2014, scientists have used an incredibly powerful computer to simulate brain activity. Processor the device was distinguished by the presence 705 024 cores, and the computer – memory capacity of 1.4 million GB. Just spent 40 mins time.

Experts believe that soon the power will increase to the level of the computational capabilities of the human brain. Also wide-spread get artificial intelligence that will be able to speak, think and remember. Computers will eventually become more “human”, there will be widespread integration of people with robots.

The appearance of nanorobots, introduced into the human body, will improve certain abilities of the body. For 1000 years, many languages go into the category of “dead” skin people will be relatively dark due to excessive ultraviolet radiation, growth will increase and weight will decrease to better adapt to the external environment.

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