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Scientists said about the critical increase of level of World ocean

Ученые заявили о критическом повышении уровня Мирового океанаThe researchers found that sea levels in the last major interglacial period was 8-9 meters higher than now.

Scientists said that in the next 100 or thousand years level of world ocean can rise several meters.

The researchers ‘ findings were made based on the analysis of climate models. In the study, researchers found that in the last interglacial period, the surface temperature of the ocean water is almost identical to modern, at the same time the sea level was six to nine meters above.

In addition, the researchers also found that at the beginning of the interglacial period, approximately 129 thousand years ago, Global sea level was close to its value in the years 1870-1889. About 125 thousand years ago, the water temperature increased by 0.5 degree Celsius and is almost on par with modern.

According to the researchers, the observation of climate models will allow to draw conclusions about the reaction of the oceans on global warming. Previously, scientists found that in the next five years, the temperature on Earth will rise.

Thus, according to the scientists, 2016 could be the hottest year in the history of meteorological observations. In 2017, the temperature record will not be beaten due to the influence of La niña – opposite of El niño process that will lead to cooling of some parts of the world.Go to the Main page

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