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Scientists revealed the secret of longevity

Ученые раскрыли главный секрет долголетияThe life expectancy affects the intensity of microcirculation in the body.

Scientists from Italy called another secret of longevity. Is life expectancy affected by the amount of microcirculation in the body.

Scientific staff from Italy, in the process of studying of the factors influencing life expectancy, found that intense microcirculation in the body contributes to the long life of a person. In other words, the faster the blood cells deliver the nutrients from tissues to tissues in the body, the longer a person lives.

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In the experiment with participation of volunteers-centenarians, it was found that people who lived to 92 years of age, remains active: the same as in humans 60 years.

Experts have found that prolonged preservation of activity of the transport of nutrients in the blood depends on the hormone adrenomedullin. Its low level in the blood helps to reduce blood pressure and keeping blood vessel walls, which in turn is the key to longevity.

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