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Scientists revealed that leads to early death in women

Ученые поведали, что ведет к ранней смерти у женщинScientists have published the list of TOP causes of early death for women.

Ended large-scale study, which lasted 13 years.

As told to the staff portal MedikForum, scientists have named the top 10 causes of early death for women.

According to the analysis of many years of experiment, scientists have identified the major causes of female mortality. The greatest risk of premature death are women who suffer from hypertension – high blood pressure. Hypertension can lead to atherosclerosis. In the course of the disease there is a large load on the walls of blood vessels, which destructively affects the functioning of the brain, heart, liver, kidneys.

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Second place in the list of deadly diseases is obesity. Excess weight adversely affects all vital organs and can cause several diseases such as diabetes, which closes the top three “killer” for women factors. In addition, excess fat is formed and the heart – the fundamental functioning of the body.

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Among the deadly diseases for women included Smoking, unhealthy diet, high cholesterol and vitamin deficiency. High content of salt also increases the risk of early death.

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