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Scientists revealed another mystery of the Sun

Ученые раскрыли очередную загадку СолнцаScientists have unraveled the mystery of the slowness of the Sun.

The reason for slow rotation of the outer layers of the Sun compared to the inner is the effect of Poynting-Robertson.

This was told by American and Brazilian scholars who have addressed this issue in the last 20 years.

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According to the phenomenon of Poynting-Robertson predicted by the General theory of relativity, thermal radiation leads to an increase in energy of the particle, but leaves unchanged component of the momentum directed along the tangent to the trajectory.

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According to scientists, this leads to a reduction of the resulting speed and momentum of a particle, causing it gradually falls to light. In addition to slowing radiation from the Sun’s interior motion of the outer layers, the effect is responsible for the fall of small particles on a spiral path to the light and contributes to the approaching of planets to the star.

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To such conclusions scientists have analyzed with the help of the station’s SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory) dynamics of rotation of the outer layer of the Sun, the thickness of which was 150 kilometers.

The researchers note that more than five billion years ago, the effect of Poynting-Robertson had a much more noticeable effect on a star than it is today.

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