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Scientists reported an interesting fact about Jupiter

Ученые сообщили интересный факт о ЮпитереScientists believe that in the initial period of the existence of Jupiter, this planet was different than it is now, orbit.

In this they were helped by the study of meteorites, previously considered mysterious. According to experts, these objects, called ST. chondrites, appeared in the asteroid belt at the stage when the Solar system was formed.

The reason for their occurrence was a collision with a large object at high speeds. Modeling such a situation, the researchers conducted with the help of computers, which showed Jupiter has sufficient gravity to create the enabling environment that could trigger such effects.

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Thus, the planet could “shake” the asteroid belt with a force sufficient to create high impact velocities, with the result that arose SV chondrites. Chondrites are small spheres of previously molten metal. Currently, they contain tiny grains of metals, which, as scientists think, at compression turned vapor iron, occurred as a result of collision of objects with large masses.

Meteorites of this type are considered to be the first manifestation of the gravitational forces of Jupiter. To start the process of evaporation of iron impact speed must be at least 20 kilometers per second. However, computer simulation showed that in the period when it was formed SV chondrites, the speed does not exceed 12 kilometers.

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Most likely, scientists believe the hypothesis that the reason for this was the change of the trajectory of Jupiter, namely the approach of a planet to the Sun. Later, when the system was formed Saturn, both moved to places where they are currently located.

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