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Scientists predict a new wave of magnetic storms

Ученые предрекают новою волну магнитных бурьSoon the Earth will cover a wave of invisible waves.

Scientists of the research center for the study of solar activity stated that the Earth expects a new wave of magnetic storms at the end of October this year.
According to experts, happens once two waves natural phenomena. According to experts, the first a magnetic storm will take place on 22 October, and its power is estimated as the phenomenon of the average power.

Unlike its predecessor, 24 October there will be more serious natural event of high power, that can hurt the climate of the planet. First and foremost, scientists reported the peak of exacerbations of chronic diseases, as well as the races of pressure and pulse.

The researchers explain that such phenomena is due to the fact that the Sun is in different cycles of activity and changes contribute to the occurrence of flares on the Sun and subsequent magnetic storms that occur on the planet. According to experts, such accidents suffer and ordinary citizens who need to be extremely careful on the road and when performing sensitive duties at work.Go

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