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Scientists plan to begin work on the resurrection of the brain

Ученые планируют начать работу по воскрешению мозгаThe scientists said that they plan to re-start experiments on the resurrection of the brain.

American experts from BioQuark. The study will begin in Latin America.

CEO Ira Pastor noted that the success after the first testing, the only scheme was unlikely, and now experiments will be carried out in several ways, using several techniques. It remains the case for the selection of members of the group.

Experiments on restoration of functions of a brain dead individual with the help of stem cells and protein BQ-A, which was exposed to the laser. The experiment was conducted in India in the hospital, Rudrapur. The experiments were planned to be conducted on patients who are in a state of clinical death. But experiments banned ICMR.

The government of Latin America gave “good” on such surveys, but the negotiations are still going on. Experts intend to start work in the summer. However, other experts believe these experiments was “fantastic” and treat them with some skepticism.

The pastor said that in his experiments the scientists intend to revive the individual to life, just to restore some functions of the mental body. If it succeeds, the specialists will build on their success.

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