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Scientists named vitamin that reduces the risk of cancer

Ученые назвали витамин, снижающий риск появления рака An important study conducted in Canada.

Vitamin D has a marked anti-cancer effect, experts from the National cancer centre in Tokyo.

According to the latest research, published in the British Medical Journal, a high concentration of vitamin D in the blood reduces the risk of developing cancer, particularly liver cancer and breast cancer.

A less pronounced effect in breast cancer observed in women in the premenopausal — scientists explain this age-related physiological changes.

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Vitamins a person gets from food, and vitamin D is also synthesized in the organism under the influence of ultraviolet rays is converted into cholecalciferol vitamin D3 that activates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus — the “builders” of bone tissue.

Among the products on the content of “Sunny” vitamin lead fatty sea fish and, consequently, fish oil, and liver, milk and eggs.

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