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Scientists named the most useful drink for health

Ученые назвали самый полезный напиток для здоровьяBeet juice will help rejuvenate brain cells and prevent you from hypertension.

Scientists found that beetroot juice is extremely useful to humans. He is able to restore brain function by renewing its cells.

Researchers have performed many observations and came to the conclusion that moderate physical activity type in combination with the intake of beetroot juice can work wonders to the brain of the elderly. There is a complete rejuvenation of the cells of the gray matter to the level of young people.

In the chemical composition of beet juice includes a lot of useful trace elements that stimulate the human body. Existing nitrate in combination with nitric oxide provide enrichment to the brain monoxide nitrogen. The result is a beneficial effect in the cardiovascular system of the human body. Scientists suggest to take the beet juice to the people suffering from hypertension and mountain climbers, before going to the mountains.

Scientists conducted an experiment with a group of volunteers, which were divided into two groups. One category took regular beet juice three times per week and were required to do morning short jog. This group had high blood pressure. The second category did not do anything, and drank only colored water. In six weeks it was found that the volunteers from the first group felt much better. According to the results of brain research, the experts noted the level of the brain, as 30-year-old man.

Scientists confidently say that beet juice can be a real elixir of youth.

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