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Scientists named the most efficient way to live to old age

Ученые назвали самый эффективный способ дожить до старостиPhysical activity – the key to a long life without health problems.

Canadian scientists from McMaster University came to the conclusion that physical activity for 30 minutes, if you can devote 5 days a week substantially reduces the risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease. Moreover, playing sports prevent other diseases and help prolong life.

In the framework of large-scale scientific study, the researchers followed 130 thousand volunteers from 17 countries. First, study participants were asked how much time they give to sport throughout the week. After this, the researchers within seven years of watching the health of the volunteers, analyzing morbidity and mortality.

It turned out that the people who pay fast walking at least 2.5 hours per week, the risk of premature mortality is reduced by 28%. If the person is actively moving 12.5 hours per week, the probability of death decreases by 36%.

As scholars have noted, it is not necessary to run, visit the gym or swim in the pool. To reduce the risk of mortality, it is enough to go to work on foot or to walk in the evenings. If all people follow these advices, then every seven years can reduce the mortality rate by 8%.

According to New Scientist, the world health organization recommends that people aged 18 to 64 each week to dedicate at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity. Two more days should be given to strengthen muscles.

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