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Scientists named the best fruit for weight loss

Ученые назвали лучший фрукт для похуденияAmerican scientists have found that pears help get rid of extra pounds.

Sweet pear, which will be present in the daily human diet, promotes weight loss and gives the body tone and strength, say experts from Louisianna.

In addition, this fruit will help to get rid of a number of health problems. That is sweet pear contains elements such as fiber, potassium, pectin different typology, help to burn excess calories, and next to them and the excess pounds.

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Scientists along with nutritionists have developed the study for 9 years. It was attended by two groups of volunteers with excess weight. One in the diet have included a pear every day, and others leave it as it is.

It turned out that in that group, the diet that was present this sweet fruit showed a significant reduction in weight, in contrast to the participants from the second group.

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It also appeared that the pear that you eat every day helps to improve mood, and even improves performance of the cardiovascular system. Pear will allow people to forget about such an unpleasant phenomenon as coughing. Sweet pear must be present in the menu, and children and adults, scientists believe.

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