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Scientists named products, can cause the formation of kidney stones

Ученые назвали продукты, способные вызвать образование камней в почкахThe increased incidence of kidney stones may be associated with improved methods of diagnosis.

Scientists have conducted a new study and found that there are products that can cause kidney stones. The list was caffeine, salt and red meat.

Western experts explained that coffee is the favorite drink of millions of people around the world. People who start the morning with a Cup of coffee, claim they get a boost of energy for the whole day. Despite this, the refreshing drink has negative consequences. The kidneys have to work with a vengeance, so the risk of education in these organs of stones. In addition, the experts refer to beverages that have caffeine, some kinds of tea, fizzy water and Coca-Cola. The person who regularly drink such drinks, faces kidney failure because of elevated levels of calcium in the urine.

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Red meat contains proteins and fats that can lead to the formation of stones in the kidneys and dangerous disease – gout. Meat incorporates a large amount of uric acid and purine that threatens the human body. The beans, asparagus and Kale are harmful to the kidneys.

The dangers of salt, which leads to digestive problems if abused. The fluid is not excreted from the body, and result in the kidney the stones are formed.

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