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Scientists: Mice can smell the oxygen

Учёные: Мыши чувствуют запах кислородаMice can sense oxygen levels in the inhaled air through the neurons in the nose.

Neurogenetic found that mice are able to sense the level of oxygen in the air because of their neurons in the nose.

These animals largely lack of oxygen than people.

In the receptor mice have two genes of importance for providing signals in B-cells under the influence of a small level of oxygen content: Gucyb1b2 and trpC2. Mentioned B-cells can quickly be activated in case of any reduction in the level of oxygen in the external environment.

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Also scientists learned that rodents are able to avoid places with a low level of oxygen. Gucy1b2 and trpC2 genes allow the mice to look for areas with acceptable content. But how exactly do these signal mechanisms, scientists now recognize could not.

Experts believe that B-cells social influence rodents. For example, they build their habitats in areas with higher oxygen levels, so that in case of danger to defend their offspring. To shortages they are much more sensitive than humanity.

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