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Scientists managed to catch a fish living at a record depth

Ученым удалось заснять рыбу, живущую на рекордной глубине None of her relatives could not get into the camera lens

Japanese scientists were the first to capture on video the fish living at a record depth was a sea slug, however, it looks not very suitable to their name.

This azure fish Japanese scientists gave the hour / photo Many users even decided that this fish is pretty cute, but everything changes as soon as it is lifted to the surface. See also In the ocean have discovered a new species of giant fish (photo) to Anyone of her relatives, living at a depth of 8 178 meters and deeper has never been able to get into the camera lens, reports Medialeaks.

The researchers plunged into the ocean a huge machine with cameras and bait, from mackerel, which pecked the inhabitants of the Mariana trench.

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