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Scientists made an unusual discovery about seals

Ученые сделали необычное открытие о морских котикахNavy seals go deaf from the noise of the ships.

Seals living near the waterways lose their hearing because of noise created by the courts, was found by the environmentalists.

Defining the noise level, British environmentalists have reproduced it in the laboratory. The noise caused a temporary hearing loss in 20 of the 28 cats, which raised the experiment.

Prolonged exposure to noise can cause permanent hearing loss, warn the researchers. They compare the conditions of life of cats with human’s living in big bustling cities.

Most were noisy area, located about 50 km from the coast.

The study showed that in 11 of the 25 protected areas of the seals at risk of deafening. The same problem may encounter whales and dolphins. Deafness will deprive them of the ability to communicate and find food.

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