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Scientists made an unexpected discovery about dogs and wolves

Ученые сделали неожиданное открытие о собаках и волкахDogs and wolves have a sense of justice

The sense of justice is an important feature of human consciousness, but new research suggests that it also has dogs and even wolves.

Previously it was thought that this aversion to injustice dogs adopted from people. But tests with wolves suggests that the dogs appeared before their domestication. Researchers believe that this behavior is also common in primates.

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Scientists conducted an experiment on wolves and dogs placed in a nearby cell, equipped with buzzer. When the dog or the wolf pressed its paw, they received a reward in the form of dressing. Then the award was started to give only one of the animals, holding the buzzer. Shortly after the animals stopped clamping buzzer.

“When they realized the unfair distribution of rewards, they stopped working. Some animals react very quickly, one of the wolves has stopped working after the third trial, for which he received nothing in contrast to his partner,” — said Jennifer of essler from the University of veterinary medicine in Vienna.

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The fact that this behavior occurs in wolves and in dogs, suggests that they inherited this quality from their common ancestor.

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