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Scientists made an interesting discovery about whales

Ученые сделали интересное открытие о китахHumpback whales cease singing when approaching ships

Humpback citythe the effect seen when the ships are approaching these giants closer than 1.2 kilometers. A special study conducted by Japanese biologists working at the University of Tokyo.

Scientists have found that humpback whales cease singing when approaching ships. The presence of excess noise causes them stress. Marked changes in eating behavior.

Oceanic noise due to human activities is increasing for every 10 years approximately 3 decibels. This is mainly due to the increasing commercial activity in the marine waters.

Particularly adversely noise affects whales. They use sounds to communicate, hunt and for navigational purposes.

Humpback whales during the breeding season singing their famous songs. A lot of them this season appear next to the Japanese archipelago Ogasawara. There was a study.

During his researchers found that when approaching a vessel at a distance of 1.2 km, 10 of the 12 whales completely ceased singing or reduced the length of the song. Moreover, at least three-fourths of them did not sing at least half an hour after the ship departed.

If it is held at a distance of 1.4 kilometers, the humpback whale is not disturbed and they continued to sing in full. They constantly change their repertoire, “learning” new songs.

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