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Scientists made an interesting discovery about the ancient wolves

Ученые сделали интересное открытие о древних волкахScientists have determined the style of hunting wolves is terrible.

Saber-toothed cats and the terrible wolves that became extinct more than 10,000 years ago, different hunted their prey. American paleobiology determined the hunting habits of ancient predators, analyzing injuries, remaining on the skeletons of animals.

The remains of the prey — horrible Canis dirus wolves and saber-toothed cats Smilodon fatalis — a large number have been preserved in the tar pits at Rancho La Brea site in Los Angeles.

These pits were formed as a result of seepage to the surface underground viscous bitumen. It was stuck herbivores, and then carnivores attracted by the “easy” prey. The results of the study 35 000 bones, the scientists published in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution, briefly it presents Science Daily.

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It turned out that saber-toothed cats were more likely to be injured in the chest, and wolves Canis dirus — in the head, neck and hind legs.

“The difference in injuries is dramatic. Many wolves have terrible neck injury, which suggests that they drove the prey as modern wolves. And saber-toothed cats avoided such injuries, preferring to shoot down the prey with the legs, and multiple bites to kill her,” said the study’s lead author Caitlin brown.

While saber-toothed cats, despite their caution, the injuries were seen in 4.3% of cases, and of the terrible wolves is 2.8%.

“Smilodon fatalis lured prey into the trap, attacked, cut down to the ground and pinned her using the front legs. Consequently, the injury they focus on the shoulder bones, chest and spine. Wolves have a terrible injury evenly distributed across all four limbs, because these predators prefer to chase prey, often stumbling and podrachivaya feet,” said brown.

Paleobiology pay special attention to that saber-toothed cats are not tigers, and some species of cat to which modern cats are extremely remote.

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